Give Workplace Hazards The Boot ⚠️

Work boots that meet Australian Safety Standards are high on the priority list for everyone on the job site. When you spend most of your week in work boots, you want to ensure you’ve got the right ones. The question everyone is asking is, how do you choose the right boots for you? With so many different shapes and sizes, there is no one boot for everyone. This article will focus on the most popular boot options and explain the advantage of each.

The Classic Steel Toe

The steel toe work boot will keep your toes safe with its tough and durable characteristics. It protects against falling objects and won’t shatter if heavy objects fall on your feet. The steel toe is great against sharp items like nails and won’t let anything crush your toes! It’s no surprise the steel toe has been an industry favourite for years and continues to thrive in modern workplaces. The super tough toe caps, made of heavy duty steel are reliable and safe. The steel toe is a classic because it has been around for years and continues to be one of the most popular and trusted work boots in Australia.

 The Impressive Composite Toe

Ever wonder why anyone would want to steer away from the safety of steel toe caps? In recent times, the composite toe has swayed the industrial workforce to give it a chance. It’s not only 30% lighter than the steel toe, it also meets the same Australian safety standards! With the exclusion of any metal components, the composite toe cap can easily be taken through metal detectors without setting the alarm off. There’s some wonderful, time-saving news for those who work in an airport, or need to fly regularly for work. The composite toe gives your toes the protection they need against many workplace hazards. Due to its light weight characteristic, the composite toe is often argued as the more comfortable option. It makes the long working day more bearable for your feet – especially where a lot of walking is involved.

Remember, both boot options meet the Australian Safety Standards (AS/NZS 2210.1:2010) and are available in a wide range of styles across many brands.


At A Glance

Composite Toe


  • Entirely non-metallic
  • Extremely lighter than steel toecaps
  • Metal detector friendly and can be x-rayed
  • Does not transmit electricity
  • Rebounds after vertical or roll compression

Steel Toe

  • Capable of resisting a drop force of 200 Joules
  • Cut resistance to power saw
  • Puncture resistance to nail gun





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