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People who work in hazardous environments where they are exposed to flames, extreme heat, chemicals, sparks, explosive or flammable materials, are at risk of being burnt in the workplace. Interestingly, the most significant burns experienced by workers are not usually caused by the hazard itself, but by the workers clothing igniting, and continuing to burn. Therefore, simply wearing FR clothing can prevent a lot of major injuries, and even death.

With the increase of safety standards in Australia, the workwear industry has seen an increase in the necessity clothing that will withstand heat and burning when exposed to such dangers.

So what is this magical protective clothing and how is it possibly resistant to flames?

Introducing FIRE RETARDANT or FR Uniforms!

Fire Retardant garments are materials that are chemically treated to be slow burning or self-extinguishing when exposed to flames. The garments can be made with both synthetic and self-extinguishing fabrics – because of their chemical treatment their burn time is increased and in turn protects the wearer for longer.

Not to be confused with Fire Resistant Clothing– these are garments made with materials that naturally withstand burning and heat. Fabrics such as wool or silk, have flame resistance built into the chemical structures– so they will not ignite quickly or melt onto the skin, which synthetic fibres would – although they may still burn, but they will do so very slowly.

With such availability of FR Clothing, you’d think everyone who is even at a minor risk of being burnt would be dressed from head to toe in some type of FR Clothing – However, many workers have been compromising safety for comfort – Since recently, traditional FR workwear has been notoriously heavy, hot and hard to wear – particularly when working in in warmer climates, or when performing labour intensive tasks.

Luckily, with the increased demand for safety on site, many brands including DNC, Bisley, Yakka and more are offering a new and improved range of FR garments to meet the both Australian and worldwide safety standards. Over the past year, these brands have brought out new ranges of FR Clothing with innovative heat stress reduction, that are lightweight and extra breathable, and practical to work in.

To dramatically reduce the severity of injuries and burns on site, it is vital that you or your workers are protected! And with no more need to compromise safety for comfort any longer, there is no excuse!

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